Drink That Will Make Your Skin Shine

Drink That Will Make Your Skin Shine

The key to bright and radiant skin is actually healthy skin. Using various bleaching agents can help you give your skin a glow in a shorter time, but it’s pointless if you have to experience various side effects at the same time. Here are 10 healthy drinks for radiant skin that you can try, although the results will not be instant, regular consumption of the drinks below will really help you get healthier and radiant skin.

1. Green tea

Green tea is rich in polyphenolic antioxidants, which can provide protection from the sun’s UV rays that damage the skin. Regardless of whether you apply it directly to the skin or consume it as a drink, the antioxidants contained in green tea will prevent DNA damage and help restore it if damage has actually occurred.

Drinking green tea also helps to hydrate your body, which is most important for maintaining skin health.

2. Soy milk

The second drink that whitens the skin and gives it radiance is soy milk. It is believed that this drink has various beneficial properties for health, it turns out that it is also beneficial for skin health. Soy milk contains amino acids, minerals and various vitamins that can help solve various skin problems.

Soy milk helps to moisturize the skin, reduce problems with acne and skin dullness, increase collagen production, prevent premature aging and, of course, lighten the skin. If you are not allergic to soybeans, this drink may be your choice.

3. Rose water

Rose water as a drink is different from rose water, which you usually use as a tonic. The excellent properties of rose water for beauty led to the creation of rose water in the form of a drink. You can find rose water to drink at the market or make it yourself at home.

You can extract the roses by boiling them or cooking them in the form of infused water. If you want to give rose water a flavor, you can mix it with honey.

4. Lemon juice

Drinking warm lemon water in the morning or right after waking up helps you stay fit and healthy. Lemon juice helps in detoxification of the body. It effectively cleanses waste in the intestine. It also contains vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system and also finishs bacteria in the oral cavity to make your breath fresh and ready for the new day.

5. Herbal tea

Herbal tea is a delicious and healthy drink. Herbal tea, consisting of completely natural ingredients, ensures safety for consumers. They have the ability to action free radicals, protect the liver, prevent some chronic issues, prevent bacterial and popular infections, action fungi, etc., so they are very useful for human health.

Regular use of herbal tea will prevent aging, give the skin shine and smoothness. issues associated with aging, such as macular degeneration and cataracts, are also limited.

6. Fruit or vegetable juice

In addition to using fruits as a face mask, you can also process fruits and vegetables into juice for eating. Fruits rich in vitamins and antioxidants are very useful for skin nutrition and can help you create healthy and radiant skin.

Almost all fruits are good for the skin. However, if you want a clean and radiant skin, you should choose fruits with a high content of vitamin C and vitamin E. Some recommendations for fruit and vegetable juices that are considered effective for lightening the skin include papaya, tomatoes, avocado, beetroot, kiwi, strawberries, various berries, oranges, lemons, carrots, spinach and more. All these juices should be consumed without adding sugar, so that they are healthier. If a fruit or vegetable lacks a sweet taste, you can add honey to taste.

7. Yogurt

Basically, yogurt contains lactic acid and zinc as a result of milk fermentation, which is certainly good for the health of your skin. Yogurt plays an important role in the process of skin regeneration, which is very useful for moisturizing the skin of the face. Consume it at least once a day so that you can feel the benefits of yogurt throughout the day.

Eating yogurt can facilitate the process of exfoliating dead skin cells. The face will look brighter, softer and tighter.

8. Gentle coconut water

Coconut water is the best drink for health, which is consistently among the best in the world. It is not only delicious, but also easily accessible.

Pure coconut water provides our body with calcium, electrolytes, magnesium, phosphorus, salt and potassium. The sweetness of the tender coconut is exceptionally natural. It is rich in many vitamins, suitable for people who want to maintain the health of the body.

9. Infused water

Infused water, made from mineral water in combination with pieces of fruit, has many beneficial properties for the skin. Antioxidants and vitamins contained in fruits play a very important role in preventing skin inflammation. This inflammation can cause severe pain, you know!

Various types of fruits can be used in this drink. Cut fresh fruit into thin slices, put them in a bottle of fresh water and let them mix. You can use it as a drink for your daily activities. In addition to improving the body shape of the body, infused water can also give the skin a fresh look.

10. Water

You certainly can’t ignore this drink. Despite the fact that it sounds trivial, consuming enough water has quite a big impact on your health and beauty. Lack of water can lead to dehydration of the skin, which will eventually make it dry and sensitive.

Consuming enough water can also help your body work more optimally.which will lead to the health of the skin and body. Drink at least 1.5 liters a day.

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