Skincare Tips for Naturally Gorgeous Skin

Skincare Tips for Naturally Gorgeous Skin

To keep the natural radiance and beautiful skin, you just need to follow a minimal skin care regimen. Try this minimalist method of skin care at home before deciding to buy expensive lotions or treatments.

Do not wash your face several times

Although the process of cleansing the skin from dirt and decorative Cosmetics is a necessary step to maintain the youth and beauty of the skin, washing your face with soap more than 2 times a day can be more harmful. Wash your face no more than twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed, a mild cleanser suitable for your skin. If you use soap, make sure that it contains the appropriate moisturizing ingredients for your skin.

My recommendation is the gentle skin cleanser Cetaphil.


Peeling is the process of removing dead skin cells to show healthy skin while stimulating the skin to form a new layer of skin cells. The skin regeneration cycle is 15 to 28 days, if you exfoliate regularly, the skin will thicken like dry scales, which will make the skin dull.

You can also use some cooking ingredients to exfoliate, as sugar gives a very good effect. You can mix sugar with moisturizing oils such as olive and coconut oils. Fruits such as avocado, papaya also promote exfoliation. During peeling, the skin is exposed to natural oils and this is a very important component that moisturizes the skin.

Moisturizes the skin

Do not forget about the simplest but most important step in the skin care process, which is to maintain proper skin hydration. Many people believe that if they use expensive creams of famous brands, it will hide the imperfections caused by time for the skin. If you moisturize your skin mechanically, you will definitely get wrinkles.

A study conducted by the famous cosmetic company beauty shows that wrinkles develop more slowly in women with moist and hydrated skin than in women with dry skin. Therefore, you should start using a moisturizer every day if you want wrinkle-free skin.

You can also use natural oils such as pure coconut oil and olive oil by applying a thin layer on your face, then gently rinse with warm, clean water. They are much affordable than the facial care products on the market and do the same job for you

Facial massage

A facial massage is essential if you want to have beautiful skin. Massage helps to improve blood circulation, stimulates air circulation, thereby improving skin health. With your fingers, massage your face in circular motions, starting with the neck and ending with the entire forehead area. The best time to massage the face is in the morning after waking up. Note that the massage should not be too strong, as the skin can be overstretched if necessary.

Use fruit masks

The lemon and pineapple are rich in vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids, so it is a very good fruit for making masks for the face. The lemon helps the skin to produce collagen, while the pineapple helps to smooth wrinkles and tighten the skin. In addition, pineapple contains large quantities of the enzyme bromelain, which helps eliminate dead skin cells. The cucumbers, and the melons into slices have also long been used in the masks.

Eat lemon, pineapple and use them as a regular care mask to keep the skin young and increase its brightness. Rub a slice of lemon or pineapple into the skin of your face, paying special attention to wrinkled areas of the skin such as the forehead, chin and cheeks. Apply the mask for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Intake of vitamins a, C and E

Healthy eating means healthy skin – pure and simple. An easy way to keep your skin young and in good health is to eat a healthy diet, in which foods rich in vitamins a, C and e are particularly important.

Vitamin C plays an important role in the production of collagen. Vitamin a has been shown to improve skin elasticity and promote the formation of skin cells, which is also a major and popular component in many anti-wrinkle creams today. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, promotes the elimination of free radicals, causes the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

A diet using foods that contain large amounts of these vitamins is the best way for you to take care of your skin. Eat oily fish, fruits such as grapefruit, strawberries and oranges at least three times a week.

Drink plenty of water

If you don’t drink at least 8 glasses of water (about 1.5 liters) a day, your skin will certainly look dry and unhealthy. If the body does not have enough water, cracks will appear on the lips, the skin will look rough and uneven. Water is the number one factor in replenishing moisture in the skin, dehydrated skin has a higher chance of early appearance of wrinkles. You should start and end the day with a glass of water.

If work requires you to move frequently, bring a bottle of water with you. Once you get into the habit of drinking enough water, you will be surprised by the youthfulness and firmness (good elasticity) of your own skin.

A little tip is to drink fresh coconut water and you will feel a significant improvement in the condition of your skin, as if it were always hydrated.

Drink cocoa instead of coffee

Studies have shown that cocoa is an excellent gift of nature that helps the skin action dehydration, poor blood circulation and damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Cocoa is rich in catechin and epicatechin, two substances that help protect our skin from sun exposure by improving the circulation of skin cells and moisturizing it, which contributes to the softness and health of the skin.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

Remember that a full life will reduce the effect of any kind of “elixir”. Be careful when you are in the sun and don’t spend too much time on it. In addition, a good sleep is very important for your skin. Eat healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables. In addition, actively recharge yourself. Going to the gym after work, on weekends or at any other time convenient for you is a great way to help yourself.

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